Tratamento com implantes

Tratamento com implantes

Introduction. The aim of this study was to report the outcome of treatment with maxillary dental implants inserted by transalveolar sinus elevation.

Patients and Methods. 19 patients with maxillary tooth loss were treated with 20 Premiun Kohno ® Sweden-Martina internal connection and sandblasted and acid- etched surface implants for rehabilitation by transalveolar sinus elevation. Implants were loaded a er a healing free-loading period of 6 months.

Results. Clinical results indicate a survival and success rate of implants of 95%. One implant was lost during the healing period. e mean elevation height was 4.4 mm. 45% of implants were inserted in molar and 55% in premolar localization. A er a mean functioning period of 36.4 months, no late complications were reported. 94.4% of patients were restored with single crowns and 5.6% with xed bridges.

Conclusions. This study indicate that treatment with dental implants inserted in max- illa by ridge expansion constitute a successful implant treatment.

Key words: Dental implants, maxillary indirect elevation, osteotomes, maxillary tran- salveolar elevation, bone substitutes, maxillary transcrestal elevation.

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