Influência da fatiga cíclica

Influência da fatiga cíclica

Introduction: The connection implant-abutment has been suggested to be crucial for the long-term success of osseointegration and to prevent future complications. The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of fatigue cyclic test in the behavior of internal connection implant-abutment.

Methods: Fifty titanium implants with internal connections were divided in 3 groups: octogonal connection (OC); double hexagonal connection (DHC); and hexagonal connection (HC) and with their respective abutments. Abutments were tightened to 30 Ncm with a torque controller. A cyclic load between 550 N and 135N according to different implant systems at a 30-degree angle to the long axis was applied to the implants for a 5 million cycles.

Results: Biomechanical testing showed implant fracture in a limit load of 325 N of OC implants; in 150 N of DHC implants and 135 N of HC implants. Fracture cracks were located in the area between neck and body of implants. No abutments and screws retention fractures were found.

Conclusions: Results of this study indicate that fatigue cyclic tests are important to evaluate the biomechanical behavior of different connection implants-abutments of several implants systems.

Key words: Dental implants, cyclic loading, fatigue test, biomechanics, implant-abutment connection, implant dentistry.

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