Dental Implants

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Dental Implants

Implantology is the branch of dental medicine that deals with the implantation of artificial structures and materials in the hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity for prosthetic, therapeutic or diagnostic purposes.

A dental implant is a prosthetic structure of synthetic and inert material, inserted into oral tissues beneath the mucosa or periosteum (remaining alveolar bone) for support and retention of a partial (eg unitary) or complete denture, in order to reproduce the function of one or more dental roots that have been lost.

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Implantology Techniques

Implantology – the placement of ceramic teeth, is used in three different cases:


The most suitable solution for situations that affect only one or two teeth.

Implant Bridge

Solution that allows replacing three or more missing teeth with just two support elements.

Total Prosthesis on Implants

Indicated for those who have no teeth or have a very deteriorated tooth structure.

Dental Implants

in Orallagos

At Orallagos we defend that the dental implant is the best solution to replace a lost teeth, since it is the solution that most closely approximates the natural dentition, physiologically and aesthetically.

Oral implant rehabilitation in Orallagos involves two distinct steps: The surgical phase, where our professionals install the implants themselves and the prosthetic phase, when the prosthesis is placed on the implant or implants placed in the first phase. This treatment is done using local anesthesia, minimizing pain and discomfort of our patients.

Clinical Cases

I cannot praise Joanna enough. I have a fear and have used the same UK dentist for 25 years, so I was horrified when a filling came out last week knowing I couldn’t get back to see my dentist. After a recommendation, I saw Joanna at Orallagos and she could not have been better. She was so empathetic and explained everything she was doing. She spoke reassuringly throughout. The finished job is excellent. It feels perfect. The price was very reasonable. She is such a professional, and a lovely person too. Thank you so much.

Linda B


Para quem tinha medo de dentistas fiquei surpreendida… Tanto na receção como a consulta 5 *. Dr. Rita Oliveira e assistente Jéssica Marques, muito cuidadosas e preocupadas com o bem estar do paciente, só senti a anestesia mesmo. Simpatia e profissionalismo é com a Orallagos RECOMENDO

Célia Marques


Being in Lagos on extended vacation stay I had two crowns coming loose, one almost front and one moule on the side. I called the clinic in the morning and got an appointment same day in the afternoon at 16:00hr. Was very well received in the reception following COVID-19 restrictions and Dr. Bruno who received me on time did an excelente job putting my crowns back so I could eat normally again. The dentist office was first class equipped. I highly recommend their service.

Folke Asell


Over 70 Agreements Made

The Orallagos dental clinic is concerned with establishing agreements and partnerships to reach more and more patients, providing dental treatments with the best conditions.

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