Mandibular overdentures on 2 implants

Mandibular overdentures on 2 implants

Introduction: Today, oral implantology constitute a therapeutic modality in the prosthodontic treatment of totally edentulous patients. This study reports the evaluation of treatment with overdentures in the mandible by early loading of dental implants.

Methods: 30 edentulous patients were treated with 60 Galimplant® sand-blasted and acid-etched surface implants for prosthodontic rehabilitation with overdentures in the mandible. Two implants were inserted in each patient. Implants were loaded after a healing free-loading period between 6 weeks with locator attaches. Clinical findings (implant and prosthodontics) were followed during at least 24 months.

Results: Clinical results indicate a survival and success rate of implants of 98,3%. One implant was lost during the healing period. Media marginal bone loss was 0.4 mm (0-1.1 mm). 100% of patients were treated with overdentures retained with 2 implants with locator attaches. Changes in plastic components of attaches were reported in 4 patients. The media follow-up was of 40.8 months (24-60 months). Conclusions: Clinical results of this study indicate that prosthodontic rehabilitation in the mandible of edentulous patients with early loading of overdentures supported by implants is a successful implant treatment.
KEY WORDS: Dental implants, overdentures, sandblasted and acid-etched surface, early loading, osseointegration, implant dentistry.

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