Orallagos group

Orallagos bets on its continuous development and improvement, being nowadays a group with several different poles in ​​dental medicine and oral health areas.

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Oralfarma is focused on selling oral products through specialized medical advice.

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Orallab is a new generation laboratory, whose purpose is to exclusively serve dental medicine clinics located in Alentejo and Algarve.

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Oral X

Oral X provides services in the field of oral radiology. It is fully equipped with digital machines to reduce the exposure time of our clients.

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Oralholidays allows you to schedule treatments (specialty or routine) while enjoying your holidays in a seaside Hotel & Spa, in Algarve.

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Medeventos is an academic group of studies in dental medicine. It provides hands-on courses, clinical residences and scientific events, in partnership with CEimplantology.