Early loading with internally connected GMI implants

Early loading with internally connected GMI implants

Introduction: Today, oral implantology constitute a therapeutic modality in the prosthodontic treatment of patients with partial and total tooth loss. This study reports the evaluation of patients treated by early loading of titanium implants with internal connection and sandblasted-acidetched surface.

Methods: 39 patients with tooth loss were treated with Frontier GMI ® sandblasted and acid-etched surface implants. Implants were loaded after a healing free-loading period of 6 weeks (mandible) and 8 weeks (maxilla). Clinical findings (implants and prosthodontics) were followed during 1 year.

Results: 111 implants were inserted (50 maxillary, and 61 mandibular) for prosthodontic rehabilitation. 44 implants were inserted in anterior sites and 67 in posterior sites. After 1-year follow-up, clinical results indicate a survival and success rate of implants of 99.1%. One implant were lost during the healing period by mobility. A case of periimplantitis were reported as late complication after functional loading. Prosthodontic restorations included 30 single crowns, 15 fixed bridges, 5 ball- overdentures and 2 fixed totally rehabilitation.

Conclusions: Clinical results of this study indicate that prosthodontic rehabilitation supported by internal connection and sandblasted and etched-titanium implants and loaded early can be a successful dental treatment.

Key Words: Dental implants, sandblasted and acid-etched surface, internal connection, early loading, osseointegration, implant dentistry.

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