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How to choose the best dentist in Lagos?

This article is for you if you have recently moved to Lagos, Portimão or any other part of the Algarve. For you who never needed to go to the dentist and for you who are unhappy with the last dental treatment! Follow our step-by-step guide to choose the best dentist in Lagos and quickly and easily find an experienced and qualified professional to take care of your oral health.

Knocking on the first door with the indication “dental clinic” is not the solution! Maintaining oral health in general and the aesthetics of your smile in particular is just as important as routine visits to your family doctor. Therefore, it is advisable to spend some time doing an online or offline search to find a reliable dentist in Lagos to perform your dental treatments.

Step by step to choose the best dentist in Lagos

If you are keen to find the best dentist in Lagos, or at least the right professional to take care of and maintain your smile, follow these steps! After all, your smile is your business card and when beautiful, sparkling and straight, it conveys credibility, confidence and self-care.

1. Ask family and friends for recommendations

First of all, with so many clinics, dentists, varieties of treatments and specialties on the market, it is best to start by asking for recommendations about the best dentist in Lagos (or best dentist in Portimão) from people you trust, and who have done recent dental treatments. However, don’t just stick with the dentist’s office phone number, look for details about the medical staff, services, technologies, facilities and even payment plans.

2. Google it

Unable to get recommendations from family and friends? Google is always at your disposal! Take your smartphone or computer and search the search engine for “Lagos dentists”, “Lagos dental clinics” or “Portimão dentists”, to find spaces close to your area of residence or work.

3. Assess the reputation of dental clinics

Did Google return you a list of dental clinics in Lagos? Great, but location isn’t the only variable to take into account. Now you should look for information about the reputation of these clinics, in comments and ratings (and even complaints) from customers on their websites, social networks, portals and Google My Business pages. And don’t confuse advertising with quality, as a dental clinic in Lagos (or anywhere else in the country) may be featured in ads at the top of Google, but not necessarily offer the best customer service.

4. Always prefer experienced and qualified teams

After checking the reputation of dental clinics in Lagos, you will be able to reduce your list to half a dozen options, so the next step is to evaluate, one by one, the qualifications and experiences of the dentists because the best dentist in Lagos will always be one that has a multifaceted team that offers different specialties, such as implantology, orthodontics, periodontics, endodontics, pediatric dentistry, dental aesthetics, oral surgery, etc.

Note that the great advantage of choosing a dentist in Lagos with multiple specialties is interdisciplinarity, that is, being able to carry out all the treatments you need in the same place: today a treatment to align your teeth, tomorrow a treatment for gum disease or caries removal and in the future (who knows?) a dental implantology treatment.

5. Exclude clinics that do not use modern and innovative techniques

With dentistry rapidly evolving, there is no reason to settle for a dental clinic in Portimão that uses traditional and outdated techniques and procedures, when there are dentists in Lagos and throughout the Algarve region, with modern and innovative methods and technologies of cutting edge to quickly achieve the best aesthetic and functional results: 3D printing, digital radiography, all-in-four implantology, clear aligners, etc.

6. Visit the facilities

With your list reduced to two or three options, to choose the best dentist in Lagos it is always worth spending some time visiting the facilities in person and observing in loco the standards of hygiene, organization and safety, as well as the friendliness and availability of the staff. staff. Alternatively, you can always look at the photo gallery on the websites of dental clinics.

7. Schedule an evaluation appointment

In terms of health, personalized attention is fundamental and that is why, before making the final decision, you should schedule an evaluation appointment at what you believe to be the best dentist in Lagos and/or the best dentist in Portimão. For what? To confirm the professionalism of the team of doctors, to see if you feel confident and safe in the office and, above all, to check if the service is personalized, that is, if the dentist genuinely cares about your oral health, patiently clarifying all doubts, diagnosing your needs, pointing out the best treatment plans, explaining the respective procedures and informing you about costs.

8. Don’t settle for the lowest prices!

And finally, the best dentist in Lagos is very possibly not the one with the lowest prices and we’ll explain why! Despite being tempting to give in to savings and choose a more affordable clinic, the truth is that in quality dentistry, investment in qualified professionals, in materials, methods and cutting-edge technologies, is huge and in some way reflected in the amount to be paid for the patient. Therefore, the ideal is to choose a dentist in Lagos that offers a good quality/price ratio, such as Orallagos that, in addition to several agreements, partnerships and discount protocols, has excellent treatment plans to take care of your oral health.

If you followed this step by step, you arrived at Orallagos!

  • Great reputation and credibility in the market
  • Experienced and qualified professionals
  • Different specialties of dentistry
  • Modern and innovative techniques
  • 100% clean and welcoming facilities
  • Excellent quality/price ratio

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