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Improve your smile at a dentist in Portimão? Why not?

Crooked teeth? Dark teeth? Space between teeth? Missing teeth? Unwillingness to smile! But in any case, the solution is very close to you, at a dentist in Portimão or in another area of the Algarve with professionals specialized in Dental Aesthetics, one of the great trends in Dentistry.

The mouth is the most obvious area with regard to socialization because the lips and teeth, in addition to being fundamental for speaking and chewing, are essential for communicating, verbally and non-verbally, through a beautiful and confident smile. However, many people avoid communication because their smile is stained, misaligned or toothless. Is it your case? Look for a dentist in Portimão!

Why should you look for a dentist in Portimão?

Because of a toothache? Not only! Sadness, nervousness and lack of confidence and security are other reasons why you should look for a dentist in Portimão, Lagos, Faro, Albufeira or any other area of the Algarve! It’s just that if you’re not happy with your smile, you’re going to express all these emotions that affect your self-esteem negatively and that can influence communication in your personal, love, social and professional life. Yes, because with badly treated teeth, interaction with other people is impaired!

Fortunately, most dental clinics in Portimão have the specialty of Dental Aesthetics that will make you more confident and confident to face life’s challenges.

But what is Dental Aesthetics?

It is a specialty of Dentistry that aims to improve the appearance of teeth and smile in general. In addition to placing, aligning and/or harmonizing the teeth, it involves the tissues of the mouth and face in general, to make the set symmetrical and pleasing to the eye, and achieve harmonization so that the patient is completely satisfied with his “new smile.

In this way, by using a dentist in Portimão with this area of expertise, you can correct the position of your teeth, eliminate stains and discolorations on your teeth, restore fractured or worn teeth, replace lost teeth, etc. All efficiently and quickly!

Affected by any of these dental problems?

Book an evaluation appointment at Orallagos now. We have DSD (Digital Smile Design) simulators to show you the result of the treatment even before it starts!

So Dental Aesthetics is just an aesthetic issue?

It is natural to ask this question when the image that comes to mind is a white, beautiful and natural smile. But actually Dental Static is not only intended to improve the patient’s appearance. And that’s because any aesthetic dental treatment (whether to correct crooked teeth or replace teeth) also brings great benefits to oral health and general well-being. For example…

1. Helps chewing

With teeth complete and aligned, chewing is more efficient and the digestive system will not be overloaded, with food arriving in larger pieces!

2. Prevents oral diseases

Some Dental Aesthetics procedures prevent oral diseases, such as Orthodontics, which, by aligning the teeth, prevents the accumulation of food debris in the mouth and facilitates oral hygiene. On the contrary, crowded or misaligned teeth can favor the development of bacterial plaque, cavities, gingivitis and bad breath.

3. Prevents headaches

More examples of how Dental Aesthetics at a dentist in Portimão can improve appearance and health at the same time? Know that solving bite or bruxism problems can end or at least prevent headaches and / or pain in the neck, shoulders and back. That’s because bad occlusion can overload one side of the arcade when chewing, among other problems.

4. Improves speech

Are you missing teeth? So you may also have diction problems and even breathing problems that can be easily solved with rehabilitation treatment, namely through dental implants.

Have you decided to get your teeth fixed yet?

Now all that’s left is to find a dentist in Portimão or surroundings that uses the most advanced techniques in Dental Aesthetics to transform your shy smile into a white, beautiful and natural smile.

Try the Orallagos Dental Clinic!

Dental Aesthetics Specialties

Now that you have realized that a dentist in Portimão can improve the aesthetics of your smile and, at the same time, enjoy a series of benefits that go beyond beauty, it is important to know some of the main Dental Aesthetics treatments:


Dark teeth? Age, diet, smoking and even genetic factors can leave your teeth stained over time, but with a dental whitening you will be able to display white teeth again, without altering or damaging the natural dental structures.


Crooked teeth? Any dentist in Portimão has an Orthodontic specialty that solves your problem, progressively correcting the position of your teeth using conventional dental appliances… or invisible aligners!


Small defects in the teeth? With the application of dental veneers you can correct changes in the shape of the teeth and small changes in color. The treatment consists of applying a thin ceramic coating, resistant and personalized for each patient, which covers the entire surface of the front of the teeth.

Crowns and Bridges

Missing teeth? Dental crowns and bridges, that is, fixed prostheses placed to fill the space with missing teeth, improve the aesthetics of your smile, restore lost comfort and avoid problems with inflammation and tooth displacement.


Implantology is another specialty available in most dental clinics in Portimão that replaces natural teeth, replacing the natural root of the missing tooth with a screw (a titanium implant naturally embedded in the bone) in a very safe oral surgery, and then placing a tooth artificial or ceramic crown.


Orallagos clinical cases gallery and see the “before” and “after” photos of several Dental Aesthetics treatments!

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