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Our mission is to provide the best and most current treatments in dentistry, taking care with pride.

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The Clinic

A team of dentists who provide care according to their areas of expertise.

All patients are initially seen in a check-up consultation where treatment needs are diagnosed and subsequently guided to the specialist indicated for the necessary treatment.

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Dental Treatments

Orallagos covers all areas of oral health care

Dental Implants

Implantation of artificial structures and materials in the hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity.


Removable aligners, so you can keep doing everything you normally do.


Treatment of malpositioned teeth and maxillary malformations.

Teeth Whitening

Treatments aimed through aesthetic recovery or rehabilitation

Dental Aesthetics

Improve the appearance of your teeth and smile, using our multidisciplinary treatments.

More Treatments

Our Customers' Rating


O Dr. Nuno Garrido e equipa são de uma simpatia e profissionalismo extremos. Altamente recomendável.

Elsa Viegas

Elsa Viegas- Review

Fui atendida pela Dra. Gisela Cabrita e fiquei bastante satisfeita! Sem dúvida uma excelente profissional 🙂

Beatriz Amores


Todos muito simpáticos profissionais. É difícil marcar consulta mas receção tenta ajudar o mais possível. Os médicos são muito dedicados e sabem o que fazem. Recomendo vivamente.

Jesús Moreno Muñoz


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Over 70 Agreements Made

The Orallagos dental clinic is concerned with establishing agreements and partnerships to reach more and more patients, providing dental treatments with the best conditions.

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