Carga precoce com sobredentadura mandibular sobre 2 implantes

Carga precoce com sobredentadura mandibular sobre 2 implantes

Introduction: Guided surgery and early functional loading of dental implants constitute a comprehensive approach for rehabilitation of edentulous patients. The aim of this paper was to present the diagnosis, surgical and prosthetic protocol of implants by guided technique and early loading in the treatment of edentulous mandible.

Case report: A 68-year-old-man, requested an evaluation regarding implant treatment for the edentulous mandible. The cone beam computarized tomography (CBCT) showed that the patient have an adequate bone volume for mandibular implant placement. The data from CBCT were used for evaluation and treatment planning. Two implants were treatment planned. Digital data were sent to a software manufacturer for surgical template. According surgical template implants were inserted for a flapless surgical technique with an accuraced drilling. After a 6 weeks-period of time an overdenture were realized and finally, occlusion is evaluated. The follow-up were 5 years.

Conclusions: This paper indicated that guided implant dentistry may constitute a successful treatment of edentulous mandible patients treated with overdentures.

Key words: Guided-implant dentistry, guided-surgery, surgical template, early loading, overdenture, dental implants.

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