Oral X provides services in the field of oral radiology. It has digital radiology equipment that compared to traditional analog radiology has many advantages: reduction of exposure doses without compromising the quality of the final image; can change levels of density and contrast without having to repeat the test; environmental protection with abolition of revealing liquids and radiographic films; among others.

Oral X provides services with medical explanation of the the report when required or to others professionals who request their services.

Exams available:

Intraoral radiographs:
– Periapical Radiography;
– Periapical Status;
– Bitewing Radiography;
– Occlusal Radiography.

Radiographs Extra-Oral:
– Panoramic Radiography;
– Panoramic Radiography calibrated for Implants;
– Profile Teleradiography;
– Front Teleradiography;
– Radiography of the maxillary;
– ATM Radiography (2 and 4 cuts) Radiography of the Hand and Wrist with calculation of Bone Age.

– Report for orthodontics
– Report for Orthognathic Surgery;
– Report for implants.

Diagnostic tests:
– Cephalometric Analysis;
– Study orthodontic models and Photos Work of Face and intraoral;
– Scan Images.