Orallagos created Oralholidays offering vacation packages to stay at selected hotels and resorts that include dental care in partnership with specialist consultants in travel and tourism enterprises.

The partnership allows tourists to schedule treatments for health specialties such as implantology, orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry or even simple routine dental treatment while enjoy his stay in a beachfront hotel with spa and other luxuries.

The health visitor will have prior access to the medical team that will treat and discuss all the procedures that will be subject via email, telephone or video conference. By these means will also be sent examinations and other documentation required for the planning procedures.

The added value for the health tourist is the possibility of having available a team of 10 dentists with a high level curriculum at costs far below the usual, associated with a holiday service as part of a predetermined package.

With an integrated offering and a close contact that Oralholidays stands associating the good climate, hospitality, food and security to the lowest values compared to other international markets.


The OralHolidays is developing some partnerships with local entities.

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