Did you know that…

– Orallagos exist for over 14 years;

– It’s formed by a medical team of 11 dentists;

– It brings together 10 sub-specialties (implantology, orthodontics, periodontics …) coordinated by professionals with high academic activity;

– It has three medical offices, its own laboratory, radiology center, training room and financial department;

– It has a Program “Implantology for All” supported by several donors who subsidize oral rehabilitation in symbolic the costs;

– It comprises a total of seven entities (Orallagos, Orallab, Oralfarma, OralX, Oraltech, Oralholidays and Medeventos) dedicated to all the areas of oral health and organization of scientific events;

– Provides Check-Up  for all specialties;

– It has 12 discount protocols with various entities, including for example students from Lagos;

– It has over 30 conventions with insurers;

– 1h paid in car park “Frente Ribeirinha”;

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